January 31, 2013 FOTD

I did another look today using light pink and matte grey shadows.






Shadows used:

Annabelle single eyeshadow in matte grey (it came a single eyeshadow with no pot and the name was on the packaging which I threw away) I would say that it is really close to MAC’s Concrete.  I used this colour in the crease, mostly concentrated in the outer V area, as well I used this colour smudged under the waterline.

Next I used a Wet’N’Wild single eyeshadow (discontinued) in Fine Wink. This shadow was known for being a dupe for MAC’s Naked Lunch. I used this colour all over the lid and blended up towards the crease. For highlight under the brow I used MAC Ricepaper.

I used a black pencil eyeliner to tightline as well as line the waterline and a black liquid liner on the top lash line. Finish the eyes with black mascara.

Blush: Elf’s Candid Coral from their studio line.

Highlight: Marcelle highlighing palette.

Lips: L’Oreal Balm #218 in Rose Elixir.


Rant and Rave: TV vs. Movie Old Age and Race Changing Makeup

I am an avid American Horror Story fan. There are no words to describe how much I love this show and although my feelings about the season 2 finale are mixed, there is one thing about that episode that stood out for me, Sarah Paulson’s old-age makeup. ImageIn this photo, Sarah’s character, Lana Winters, is supposed to be 75 years old. It is hard to tell by this still photo, but throughout the episode, I was nothing but impressed with the execution. All the details down to the age spots on her hands were perfect. The lines around her eyes and lips, the skin around her neck, the coloration of her skin, just everything about this makeup was high quality. Here are some more photos from the episode:



Here is just a reference photo for what Sarah looks like normally (she’s absolutely stunning! I swear, Lana Del Rey must have looked at a photo of Sarah before getting plastic surgery and said, I want to look like her!).

Image  Image

Anyways, the point of this post, other than letting out my sheer admiration of Sarah Paulson’s beauty (and Lana’s, even if it is man-made), was to compare the quality of some TV makeup to that of some movie makeup I’ve seen recently. One example in particular that stood out for me was when I was watching Cloud Atlas.

Cloud Atlas was a movie that came out in late 2012 and many of the cast members change their appearance because the movie progresses along a certain timeline, from the early 19th century all the way to the future (I don’t remember exactly how far but pretty far). The cast members sometimes look like themselves and in other eras may have changed gender and in the most extreme cases some had even changed race (ex. Caucasian to Asian and vice versa). The movie was something else, I really enjoyed it (even though it was upwards 3 hours long!) but something that I couldn’t get over was how BADLY some of the makeup was! Here is a photo of Jim Sturgess normally and Jim Sturgess as Hae-Joo Chang in Cloud Atlas:

Image  Image

It took me a while when I was watching the movie to realize that this character was in fact Jim Sturgess but I noticed that the makeup artists only focused the transformation around the eyes, but the rest of his face remained the same. There were other characters that also had an Asian transformation. They gave the actors small hooded eyes and pointy-triangle eyebrows. It’s kind of offensive if you think about it.


Now this movie got in a little bit of trouble with an Asian American media action group for using Caucasian actors with “yellow face” instead of just hiring Asian actors. The same group even criticized the movie makers for having badly executed the “yellow face” makeup and that the characters in the movie that had undergone a process of going Asian to Caucasian looked better than those that went from Caucasian to Asian, which is what I think is debatable. Here is a picture of Doona Bae, another actor from this same film, who is Korean, and for the most of the movie she is portrayed as a Korean woman, but towards the end of the film she is revealed to also play another character who is supposed to be Caucasian.

Image Image

Now this is what got me upset. I got over the fact that Jim Sturgess and most of the rest of cast that were “Asia-fied” and that the job was not that great but nonetheless got the point across, but this attempt to make Doona Bae look Caucasian bothered me a lot. Considering that there are Youtube gurus such as Promise Phan, who is self-taught and successfully transforms herself into Caucasian and African American celebrities (female and male), this attempt on Doona looks less than amateur.


Angelina Jolie Makeup TransformationImage
Scarlett Johansson Makeup Transformation

Ok, so we’ve established that it is more than possible to transform a person who is Asian and make them look Caucasian with certain makeup tricks (either creating a crease or changing the way the face/nose looks with contouring), so what excuse do the makeup artists of Cloud Atlas have? Contouring is a pretty powerful tool, as well as colour correcting and ESPECIALLY the use of prosthetics. It’s like these people have never seen an episode of Face-Off before!


Nope. I just don’t like this at all. It’s like they tried to hide her Asian features with hundreds of freckles. They should’ve hired Promise to do her makeup!

I know that there are plenty of other movies and TV shows that have used old age makeup but these are just two examples that really stuck out for me.

Are there any old age/race makeup moments that you thought were particularly amazing/not so amazing? Let me know!

Also, let me know if this type of post is something that you are interested in, I know it’s far from a tutorial or a FOTD but opinion pieces are pretty fun too, especially makeup related ones!

January 28, 2013 FOTD

Here’s another FOTD! It’s my mom’s birthday today and we’re having some people over for dinner so I’d figure I would try something new today! I’m usually wearing a lot of neutral colours on a regular basis so I thought that I would step it up a notch and   create this gold look that is still quite tame but with the black liner makes the look a bit more dressed up. 20130128-145513.jpg


Sorry about the lighting on this picture, I’m currently using my Iphone to take my pictures with flash so it’s not the best quality. I am working on trying to get a better camera to take pictures with! 20130128-145713.jpg

Also, excuse my eyebrows. They are also a work-in-progress. 20130128-145724.jpg

So here’s how I created this look:

I used a variation of shadows, mostly MAC but you can substitute for any shadows that are close in shade and finish. So there are four shadows in the picture below, from left to right and then clockwise, it is Brown Script (matte reddish brown), Rule (matte burnt orange), Amber Lights (frost copper/bronze), and Ricepaper (frost yellow-champagne). I used Brown Script and Rule in the crease as transition colours, then I applied Amber Lights on my lid with a flat shader brush. I used Ricepaper as a highlight underneath my brow and then made sure to blend out any harsh lines between the colours I used in the crease and my highlight. I also used a little bit of Brown Script on my lower lash line. 20130128-151451.jpg

Next I used Sexpresso (matte dark brown) from the Two-Faced Natural Eye palette to my outer V of my eye and a little bit of it smudged into my crease as well in order to create depth. Blending is key! I used the Makeup Forever Aqua eyes eyeliner pencil in black to tightline and then again on my waterline and then smudged the waterline with a small brush. I used the Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner on my top lash line and I set that with a black matte eyeshadow by Annabelle. To finish the eyes I curled my lashes and applied Maybelline’s Mega Plush volume mascara in black to my top lashes only.20130128-151502.jpg


For my face, I used my Annabelle CC primer and Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation and for concealer I used Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser (also new and also testing out!). I set my concealer with my MAC mineralized skin finish in Medium dark. My blush is Love Joy by MAC, it is a mineralized blush, actually it is the only mineralized blush by MAC that I own but I love it! It was highly recommended to me by a former colleague and I have loved it ever since. I’ve seen it described as a “rose-brick” colour, it is definitely unlike any other blush I have in my collection, which is probably why I love it so much! I would highly suggest anyone to go check it out if you are in the process of looking for a new blush to try!

I also contoured my face with a little bit of gold bronzer by Cover FX.


Finally for lips, I used MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga 2, which is an amplified formula and nude colour. I rarely wear nude lip colours because I feel like my skin tone is a little too dark to pull it off so to bring back a little bit more colour to my lips I used Revlon’s Lip Butter in Creme Brule on top of the lipstick. I’m going to try and give nude lipsticks a chance because this is the only one I have in my collection and I have never worn it out. I’ve seen a lot of people on Instagram and Youtube who look absolutely gorgeous with nude lips but I haven’t found the right one yet. Let me know if you have any suggestions to nude lip colours that you love and you think might work for me! Have a great day!!

First Impressions plus FOTD

So seeing as I just got some new products yesterday, I obviously couldn’t wait to try them out. I know I said that I would wait a few days to write a review but I couldn’t resist doing a “First Impressions” of some kind. So here are the products I’m trying out, from my previous post, they are the new Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, which, according to the packaging, claims that it is an “Anti-Fatigue and Radiant Glow”. I will also be trying out the new Annabelle Cosmetics CC Colour and Contour Instant Perfecting Base, in the natural finish. It also comes in a white bottle which has a luminescent finish.


So here is a scary picture of my face before applying any product, only moisturizer. As you can see, I have a lot of redness in certain areas, as well as some pretty dark circles under my eyes.


This is after applying the CC base/primer. It does seem to have evened out my skin tone a little and reduced the redness in my trouble spots. My under-eye area is still quite dark but significantly less. I also noticed that this product helped reduce the appearance of my pores. Now, I’ve never tried any of those pore-reducing products such as Benefit’s Pore-fessional but a review done by Youtube’s jeanfrancoiscd (makeup guru extraordinaire and fellow Montrealer) said that after trying this product he wouldn’t need to buy those higher end pore-reducing products again. In addition to evening out my skin tone and reducing the appearance of my pores, it also left my skin feeling silky smooth, making the application of my foundation very easy! NEXT!20130126-113120.jpg

So this is after applying the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I know that this product has been out for some time now in the UK (since Rimmel is a UK brand) but this juuuust came out at my local drug store and after seeing such good feedback on this product by another Youtube personality that I follow, Zoella (who lives in London) I really wanted to try it out! I’ve never really tried any foundations from Rimmel, I never really gave them a chance but this looked promising. The consistency of this product is very light, is not too watery and not too thick either, which made application very easy. There is a little fragrance but it smells like lotion which was a pleasant surprise. It is kind of hard to tell by this picture but I do feel like my skin had a slight glow to it after application. I had a hard time trying to find the right shade when I was at the store because the product was just put out and no testers were available, but I am pretty happy with what I chose. The flash kind of makes my face look more white than it actually is. Anyways, in addition to the Annabelle primer, this foundation evened out my skin tone even more and even helped reduce the darkness around my eyes. So far, I’m really liking both of these products. Thumbs up! 20130126-113138.jpg

This is my finished face! I was inspired by my new tights that I got yesterday that are sheer purple with purple polka dots to create this eye look. I’m also using an Annabelle eyeshadow in Infrared that I got at a warehouse sale last year (so I don’t think you can get it anymore in stores!) and a Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in 270 Purple Shock on the waterline. My blush is Vintage Grape by MAC with Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish by MAC as a highlight. On my lips is the L’Oreal ColorRiche lipstick in Sheer Linen. 20130126-113148.jpg20130126-113208.jpg20130126-113239.jpg



Stay tuned for a full review on these two products! Let me know if you would like to see a tutorial or how I created this look! Have a great weekend 🙂

Drugstore Mini Hail


Went to Shoppers Drug Mart today (aka Pharmaprix here in Quebec) and purchased these two bad boys. I’ve heard a lot of good things about both the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and the new Annabelle CC colour contour instant perfecting base so I figured I would try them out! The Rimmel foundation was $12.99 and the CC cream was $17.49 but there was a $2.00 coupon on the counter where it was on display. I will be posting again soon after trying out these products in a couple of days!

Lickable lips and Waves

Lickable lips and Waves

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago before going out for a birthday party. This look features a pretty neutral eye with my signature black liner and a bright lip. This lip colour is called “Lickable” from MAC. My hair is usually pin straight so it was nice to be able to capture my hair when it was freshly curled.